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John 6

Good Morning “Bread of Life Eaters”… wait what?  Dig into John 6 and see what I mean.

A couple things from John 6 to note.  When we talk about the feeding of the 5,000 we are always careful to point out a couple things.  

They only counted men first of all, so… with their families Jesus likely fed 15, maybe even 20,000 people or more.  They had big families then.  

2nd, I believe one of the coolest applications from this miracle comes from the boy.  Consider this, there were tons of people - with no food.  A boy happened to have brought some - maybe his mom packed him a lunch.  In a sea of hungry people he was willing to give ALL he had and possibly go hungry himself.  Scripture DOESN’T say the Disciples took it from him by force, so we assume he willingly gave.  Look what Jesus can do with so little when we willingly offer all we have!  “Even more than we could ever ask or imagine.”  

This miracle ends up fostering a conversation in which Jesus is trying to get everyone to understand - quit worrying about your flesh.  Matt 6 reminds us - if we seek Him first He’ll take care of our needs.  Here He’s trying to get them / us to understand drink Him in, soak Him up… the language sounds crazy… eat His flesh.  He’s not suggesting that they become cannibals - but that they become one with Him, He in them and them in He.  Him first - quit worrying about the physical - it’s only temporal.  Focus on your spiritual relationship with Jesus.

Love You All - Dig in!