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Numbers 29
on February 21st, 2024
Good Morning “Resting and Thankful” Today we are in Numbers 29.  In this chapter we see the reiteration of some special annual festivals.  What is the purpose of these festivals?  Though they vary in detail and purpose, they all were meant to demonstrate faith, thankfulness, and focus on God.  They were to remember His Goodness, Power, Protection and Provision, all He has done - whether through at...  Read More
Numbers 28
on February 20th, 2024
Good Morning “Offerers of it ALL”.  Today we are in Numbers 28.As preparation for the nation entering into the “Promised Land”, God through Moses is reminding the people to stay close to Him.  You’re probably thinking… Wait… what?  As I read chapter 28 it seems like it’s all about offerings.   Yes it is!  But why do we think God commanded the nation to bring offerings in the first place?  They all...  Read More
Numbers 27
on February 19th, 2024
Good Morning “Followers of the 2nd Joshua (Jesus).”  Today we are in Numbers 27.Isreal was led through the desert by God through Moses who was expected to stay in tune with God at every step, committed to preserving Gods righteousness.  Although Gods heart is the same, the administration of it changed after Jesus.  The New Testament church and all of the church to follow, are to be led by God thro...  Read More
Numbers 26
on February 18th, 2024
Good Morning “Coheirs With Christ.”  Today we are in Numbers 26.The nation of Israel is nearing the end of their 40 years of wandering in the desert.  God commands them to take another census.  Count the people.  How many fighting men?  It’s necessary for them to both understand the size of their army, and have an accurate number by which to divide the land.  The Levites will receive no inheritanc...  Read More
Numbers 25
on February 17th, 2024
Good Morning “Always Vigilant for the Attack.”  Today we are in Numbers 25.God frustrated the attempts of Balak to curse Israel through Balaam - in numbers 24.  Isn’t it interesting that when we get to Numbers 25, the men of Israel are sinning in such a way that they bring curse on themselves.  God is faithful to protect Israel from harm.  However, when they succumb to temptation and willingly uni...  Read More
Numbers 24
on February 16th, 2024
Good Morning “On the Winning Team.”  Today we are in Numbers 24As I said, Balaam was what you could call a “for profit prophet.”  He wanted to be close to God as long as it netted him worldly blessing.  He was two faced, a sell out, not what he perhaps appeared on the surface.  2 Peter 2:15, tells us Balaam loved “gain from wrongdoing,” and Revelation 2:14 tells us Balaam taught Balak to put a stu...  Read More
Numbers 23
on February 15th, 2024
Good Morning “Appliers of The Word.”  Today we are in Numbers 23.Balaam had some issues.  He tried his very best to run ahead of God.  He wanted more.  Balaam was a “for profit prophet”.We’ve seen in our midst, those who believe serving The Lord “should” come with “blessing” in the form of dollars, cents and shinny things.  If I’m gonna devote my life to serving The Lord, then He should make me ri...  Read More
Numbers 22
on February 14th, 2024
Good Morning “Submitters to Jesus’ Lordship.”  Today we are in Numbers 22.  The story of Balaam and his donkey, is both encouraging and humbling.  I love to use Balaam’s donkey when encouraging students to submit themselves to the Lord and simply “share the reason for the hope they have”.  (1 Peter 3:15-16). Don’t worry about what you will say, for in that moment, as you testify it will be the Hol...  Read More
Numbers 21
on February 13th, 2024
Good Morning “Patient in Affliction.”  Today we are in Numbers 21.Although numbers does not record every day, it sure does seem like Israel grumbled a lot!  They doubt God, lose trust, grumble, God disciplines, they repent, and then they move on to wherever God was leading, or they continue with whatever God had them doing in the first place.  The objective is typically completed, but now with few...  Read More
Numbers 20
on February 12th, 2024
Good Morning “Followers of Only The One True God.”  Today we are in Numbers 20.  Who do you listen to?  Who do you read?  Whose YouTube messages do you watch?  Who do you follow?  Hopefully that last question has a different answer than the others.  When a Pastor or Teacher preaches a message that convicts us, we can have a tendency to blame our conviction on him.  “Shoot the messenger” so to spea...  Read More
Numbers 19
on February 11th, 2024
Good Morning “Protected Without Realizing It.”  Today we are in Numbers 19.Thousands of years before we really had the medical science to back it up, God was protecting the Nation of Israel from contagions, molds, and disease.  To them, many of His commands likely seemed senseless but they were at times for their welfare and safety.  God is still in the business of loving and protecting His people...  Read More
Numbers 18
on February 10th, 2024
Good Morning “Beneficiaries of an Inheritance NO ONE Can Take From You.”  Today we are in Numbers 18.Are you a goal setter?  What kind of life goals do you hold?  Although falling quickly approximately 60% of Americans still claim to be Christian.  That said I was curious if the “Life Goals” of Americans reflected what Scripture says we “should” be all about.  So I Googled “Life Goals of Americans...  Read More