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2 Samuel 4
on June 25th, 2024
Good Morning “Walking Hand in Hand With The Father.”  Today we are in 2 Samuel 4.With Abner dead, Ish-Bosheth’s courage is gone.  Israel is nervous.  Two of Saul’s commanders decide to cut losses and position themselves with the new king and like the young Amalekite underestimate David’s character.David learned his lesson regarding Gods anointed with Saul.  Furthermore he made a covenant with Jona...  Read More
2 Samuel 3
on June 24th, 2024
Good Morning “Receivers of Grace Despite Our Sin.”  Today we are in 2 Samuel 3.David’s kingdom is growing, Saul’s is shrinking.  Today’s chapter reads like an election year presidential race.  Abner and David are both plotting, jockeying for favor and position.  No recording of David seeking God here.  Neither Abner for that matter.God’s Grace is just that, Grace! It does not always wait for our o...  Read More
2 Samuel 2
on June 23rd, 2024
Good Morning “Those Who Serve The One True King.”  Today we are in 2 Samuel 2.   David is Anointed as King over Judah.  Then, in typical “Giant Conquering” form David sends a message to Jabesh Gilead thanking them for their kindness to Saul and urging them to serve David as king.  Jabesh Gilead was Saul’s biggest supporters so David reaches for them first.  All of Israel is going to have to decide...  Read More
2 Samuel 1
on June 22nd, 2024
Good Morning “Fully Devoted and Obedient”.  Today we are in 2 Samuel 1.After conquering the Amalekites and retrieving all that was taken, David returns to Ziklag.  On the third day, a man from “Saul’s Camp” arrives before David.  After falling at David’s feet, giving him proper honor he informs David of Saul’s death, and goes on to explain that he killed Saul, in mercy - at Saul’s request.  At fir...  Read More
1 Samuel 31
on June 21st, 2024
Good Morning “Race Finishers.”  Today we are in 1 Samuel 31.  A great start is paramount to winning the race.  Without it finishing well is possible, but it’s a struggle.   On the other hand a great start isn’t enough.  Often the one who wins the race is the one who perseveres throughout!  Consider the story of the tortoise and the hare.Saul started with much promise.  Tuned into The Lord and obed...  Read More
1 Samuel 30
on June 20th, 2024
Good Morning “Strengthened in The Lord.”  Today we are in 1 Samuel 30.Last chapter Achish’s leaders rightfully doubt David’s loyalty to the Philistines.  Despite his argument in David’s favor, Achish relents and sends David back to home in Ziklag.   David and his men return only to find that the Amalekites have retaliated and burned their city and taken all their wives and children captive.  David...  Read More
1 Samuel 29
on June 19th, 2024
Good Morning “Blessed by Rejection.”  Today we are in 1 Samuel 29.Rejection stinks.  Have you ever been rejected by a friend, or a special someone you were crushing on?  How about an application to college - denied?  Maybe you applied for a job and things looked really good but then you didn’t get it, or lost a promotion.  Have you ever looked back, from your life down the road, and realized that ...  Read More
1 Samuel 28
on June 18th, 2024
Good Morning “Those Who Seek Gods Voice… The ONLY Way!”  Today we are in 1 Samuel 28.Saul is horrified at the size of the Philistine army about to wage attack on Israel.  So much so, that he does something outside of his nature.  He inquires of God.  Gods already turned from Saul… so now what?  Anytime we find God silent it ought to compel us to consider possible unrepentant sin - and repent.  Sau...  Read More
1 Samuel 27
on June 17th, 2024
Good Morning “Always Seeking Gods Direction.”  Today we are in 1 Samuel 27.David has gone through some testing.  And… it seems he has grown, some.  Or has he?  Last chapter we saw David seemingly making a wise decision not to humiliate Saul but instead to focus on Saul’s lack of protection from his own chosen protectors.  So having received evidence of Gods protection repeatedly, having made the s...  Read More
1 Samuel 26
on June 16th, 2024
Happy Father’s Day Fathers!  Good Morning “Forged by Fire.” Today we are in 1 Samuel 26.The last 3 chapters have given us a glimpse into the Power God has to effect change in us and others through trials and testing.  As hard as testing may be to go through, we should “Consider it joy”, when we go through trials because that testing causes us to grow (James 1:2-4)Pay attention to David’s words, hi...  Read More
1 Samuel 25
on June 15th, 2024
Good Morning “As God Intended You To Be.”  Today we are in 1 Samuel 25.  In chapter 24 we saw David falter a bit.  We rooted for him to kill Saul, but David understood his position before God.  Instead he took just a corner of his robe.  Even then, David was convicted, repented, and furthermore pledged his protection to Saul.In chapter 25 we see David respond in flesh once again as he and his men ...  Read More
1 Samuel 24
on June 14th, 2024
Good Morning “Those Who Respect and Honor Authority”.  Today we are in 1 Samuel 24.Get a load of David would you!  He’s got Saul right where he wants him, dead where he stands - TAKE THE SHOT!!!  Or rather RUN HIM THROUGH!  How many of you were thinking that?  Instead, David simply creeps up unnoticed and cuts off a corner of his robe.  Later he’ll show it to Saul as evidence that he could have ea...  Read More