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Luke 24

Good Morning With Jesus Walkers.  Check out Luke 24.

Jesus was crucified for your sins and mine.  Then, He was placed in a tomb and a stone (Boulder) rolled across the opening.  On the third day He rose conquering sin and death.  The women go and see that that tomb is empty.  They go back and tell the others - but they don’t believe. Others go as well, and return - but the others don’t believe.

The same day a couple Disciples were walking the 7 mile road to Emmaus.  Jesus decides to stroll up and join them.  7 miles they walk to together and the men don’t recognize Him.  Why?  Because there were lessons to be learned first.  “but they were kept from recognizing him.” Luke‬ ‭24‬:‭16‬ ‭NIV‬‬

They proceed to tell Jesus about the empty tomb, but because it was now the third day and Israel had not yet been redeemed, they seem to doubt.

These two are in fact kept from recognizing Jesus until they sit down and share a meal.  Fellowship with The Savior is what’s required for us really to see.  Head knowledge or belief becomes heart level BELIEF when we fellowship / experience Jesus.  

Did in.  Get to “know” Him through His Word, then allow Him to use you and get to “KNOW” Him.

Love you all!