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Luke 21

Good Morning Watchers.  Have a look at Luke 21

Luke 21 begins with a reminder that we should offer all we have back to God.  It’s all His.  He blesses us with all we have and know.  We are simply stewards and should not love our stuff so tightly we are unwilling to let go of it - for His glory.

Luke records Jesus’ prophetic warning regarding the destruction of Jerusalem.  Matthew records a few more specifics in Matt. 24.  Wait… is this simply prophecy regarding Jerusalem, or prophecy regarding the “end end”?  Answer… YES.  

Spurgeon said it like this,
“We must regard the siege of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple as being a kind of rehearsal of what is yet to be.”

Jesus prophecy came true, just 40 years later Jerusalem, and the temple were completely wiped out by Rome.  The destruction was so complete that today it’s difficult to determine the exact location of the former temple.  

What do we get from all this prophecy?  What’s the application for us?  I like to grab a couple things from this:

1.  Jesus knows what He’s talking about.  What He says has either already happened or soon will!  BELIEVE it!  He’s proven Himself, and Scripture has been proven to be accurate over and over and over.  In fact, no part has EVER successfully been refuted!  That’s a teaching worth BELIEVING!  Furthermore you can see the Word of God unfolding all around you if you care to look.

2.  Head it, and act accordingly.  Remember if you BELIEVE it your life should reflect it!  It’s not just to be known but to be lived.  

Dig in!  Know it and know Him!

Love you all!