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Luke 15

Good Morning Once Lost, but now Found!  Today we dive into Luke 15.  

Jesus shares multiple parables to show the value He puts on a single lost person.  We may look at someone who has totally spun out, off the tracks, wrong road… and shrug our shoulders.  Not my circus, not my monkeys.  But get a load of the words of Jesus here!  

Leave the 99 to go find the one lost sheep.  Sweep the entire house looking for one lost coin.  The Father stands eagerly awaiting the return of his son - the prodigal.  

The one who wanted his inheritance so that he might spend it on pleasure is now beat down, broken, and
humbled.  However he’s returned - to his father who has been waiting, longing, looking off into the distance for his return.  

Upon his return there is a great celebration!  This is the heart of our God, and aren’t we thankful.  If you’re the lost one, there is great news.  He’s longing for you to turn back to Him!  

If you’re dialed, you’ve got work to do.  He’s our example - our model.  Would you go looking for the lost sheep?

Love you all!  Dig in!