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Luke 1

Good Morning Historian Scholars!  This morning we dive into Luke 1.

Luke wrote 2 books, Luke and Acts.  As a Dr. Luke’s purpose was to gather all the information he could and record it.  Luke and Acts come together to tell us of how God first went after Israel and then the Nations with the Good News of Jesus.  Luke’s recordings read much like a detailed history lesson.  He addresses his writing to Theophilus who was likely a Roman official - who he wanted to make sure CLEARLY got it!

Luke’s writes are the summary of letters, speeches, songs, travel records, eye witness accounts, trial transcripts and whatever else he could get his hands on.  

Times were different then.  Luke didn’t just ask Siri or Google this information.  Imagine the amount of time it took for him to gather this much information to be able to record with this much detail.  Why?  Why would he do it?  He recognized the miracle of the story of Jesus!  He knew it’s life saving value for all that come after as they read it!  Luke was by trade a life saver, a Doctor.  He had an heart for people and understood the story of Jesus to be the power for salvation for all who believe.  Not just this life but for all of eternity.  Luke was all in!  

Dig in and pay attention to the detail in Luke’s account - it’s worth it.  He includes things the others don’t!

Love you all!