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Mark 13

Good Morning Jesus Watchers,
today we dive into Mark 13.
Here Jesus instructs the Disciples as to what will happen regarding the temple and Rome, their persecution, and really all things.  Interestingly, just 40 years later these temple prophesies were fulfilled.  Yet another prophetic proof of the trustworthiness of The Word of God.  

No matter what position you take regarding “End Times Prophecy”, one thing we can all agree on from Mark 13 - we are to be ready!  Make your salvation sure - then get to work.  We have our clear marching orders and are to be obediently following Jesus and carrying out those orders until He takes us home - Not consumed with the things of this world but with the things of God.

Our call is simple, love God with everything we got!  Love others as ourselves which is ONLY possible thorough the overflowing love of Jesus in us!  If we truly love them, we will not be able to stand by knowing that because of sin our default destination is hell.  God doesn’t need to send us there - it’s the default, brought about by sin.  Therefore; we should be eager to share the Good News of Jesus, taking it further - making Disciples. Matthew 28:18-20 That doesn’t mean we all need to be Pastors, but we all SHOULD be ministers of the Gospel.  We all SHOULD be building into others, sharing the reason for the Hope we have.  We are His chosen method to deliver the life saving news of Jesus. Acts 1:8

Why fear, if we are living and doing the will of The Father?  Dig in, know Him through The Word.

Love you all!