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Mark 5

Good Morning Demon Slayers.  Why do I say that?  Dive in to Mark 5 to see!

Satan has been wreaking havoc.  But, now, Jesus is on the scene and taking over in big ways!  All of Jesus teaching and ministry served to do more than just love on and teach the Disciples and other followers.  He was putting Satan on notice.  

He was making a definitive BOLD statement!  If we look back a bit to Mark 4:35, we see His ability to control the weather.  It was widely thought at that time that Satan brought the bad storms.  (Some still believe that today). But God brings the wind out of the storehouses, the rain on the just and I just and sits over the storm.     As we get into Mark 5 He demonstrates His control over evil.  But not just 1 demon, 6,000 - a legion.  Furthermore He continues to show His power over sickness without even a touch.  Satans greatest joy was perhaps seeing death enter the world!   Even death is no match for Jesus!  Good and evil may be opposite but they are in no way equal!  

Check it out, know it and learn it for yourself.

Love you all!