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Mark 2

Good Morning mat lowerers.  What does that mean?  You’ll see - read on in Mark 2.

Everywhere Jesus went, a mob gathered and followed.  Some, religious leaders seeking to trip Him up.  Some, seekers wondering what it was all about.  Some, straight up already convinced looking to soak up some of what Jesus was laying down and some, with Faith so strong they were looking to get healed or find healing for the ones they love.  

Some, like the 4 dudes who brought the paralyzed man on a mat.  When they they realized they could not get him through the crowd to Jesus they dug a hole in the roof over Jesus and lowered the man down.  Ha ha… man if we pay attention when we read and don’t just pass over the words, sometimes you gotta laugh!  Imagine that conversation!   “We got you bro, we’re gonna get Jesus to heal you.  Oh man, we can’t get through the crowd.  No, no, don’t worry man, this will work!  We got you bro.  You just sit tight!  It honestly reminds me of things my brother and I, and the neighbor hood kids did when we were kids.  Tying our wagon to the back of a bike and pulling each other, or building ramps out of cinder blocks and old boards, or dragging mattresses out of the house so we could jump out of trees and play stunt man.  We crashed and burned more than once.  What do these things have to do with the 5 guys I’m talking about?  We all had total faith it would work!

Their faith was REAL… enough to put it all on the line.  Is yours?  Read on, dig in, there’s a lot here to soak up in Mark 2!  

Love you all!