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Matthew 6

Matthew 6

Sermon on the Mount
Jesus continues to instruct His followers, reiterating that He is concerned with their / our heart.  The “good” things we do should be done in secret, not for the worlds praise.  When we give, when we pray, when we fast - it’s between us and the Father.  If what we’re after is the praise of men… that’s all we get.  If honoring God the Father is our goal, and storing up treasures in heaven is our hope, well… then these acts should be seen by the Father only.  

Jesus is so concerned with our heart He instructs us how to pray.  The model He gives we know as The Lords Prayer.  Understand He is not saying pray only this prayer - He’s pointing out the elements that should be contained in our prayers.  When we pray our hearts should be thankfully crying out in Praise to Him.  We all naturally pray for the things we need, but how often do we intercede for others. I like to begin every prayer by confessing my sins and asking forgiveness - clean slate.  Confession, Thankfulness, Adoration, Petition, and Intercession - included in every prayer.  

The forgiveness piece is huge - simple but huge.  Forgive and you’ll be forgiven.  “If you do not forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.” Vs 15

Our hearts should be all about Him, not the world!  If we’re all about the shiny things of the world that’s it - that’s what we get, nothing more!  Our heart speaks to where our real treasure is.   What do you think about, fill your time with, pursue the most?  It starts with being honest with ourselves!  We can’t serve two masters we will hate one and love the other.  We must choose.

Nevertheless, we spend much of our lives chasing things, stuff…. It all leaves us wanting.  It’s the Christmas present you just had to have when you were a kid.  A week later you were on to something else.  It’s empty.

Jesus closes the chapter by reminding us - The Father is in control of it all!  He takes care of us!  Seek Him and His kingdom first and all the “needs” we worry about will be taken care of!  

Him first!  Him always!  

Love ‘Em Like Jesus