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Matthew 5

At the end of Matthew 4 we see Jesus strolling along the sea - just calling fishermen to leave EVERYTHING and join Him.  The crazy thing is, they DO IT.  The expectation is - we will too!

5 starts with Jesus lining them out.  He’s got them, now what’s He do with them?  First a little training.  Jesus starts with a list of expectations we’ve come to know as the Beatitudes.  If you’re going to roll with me, this should “be your attitude”… ok maybe I made that last part up, but it does help us remember to stay focused!

Jesus then moves into - further responsibilities and expectations.  The earth, mankind - it’s yours to preserve, it’s yours to light up.  Salt was the preservative of the time.  It kept things from spoiling, going bad, rotting.  You’re it… well the Holy Spirit in you, but you’re the vessel.  No biggie, just don’t let it go bad… the world that is.  That’s the implication of our charge to be Salt and light!  When we look around and wonder how things have gotten so crazy, and why God doesn’t do something - the answer is here in verses 13-16.  We need only look in the mirror.  

Jesus moves on to reminding them / us that He did not come to wipe away the old law and start over, but to fulfill it.  He covers a number of specific sins: Murder, Adultery, Divorce, Oaths, Vengeance, and then reminds us to Love even our Enemies!  

Pieces of Matthew 5 often find its way into our teaching - for good reason.  There is so much here!  Dig in, take a look!

Love ‘Em Like Jesus!