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The Bible describes the precision of movement in the universe. Jeremiah 31:35,36
Thus says the LORD, Who gives the sun for a light by day, the ordinances of the moon and the stars for a light by night, Who disturbs the sea, And its waves roar (The LORD of hosts is His name): “If those ordinances depart From before Me, says The LORD, Then the seed of Israel shall also cease From being a nation before Me forever.”  
The Bible describes the suspension of the Earth in space.  Job 26:7 “He stretches out the north over empty space; He hangs the earth on nothing.” We have now discovered these things to be true, but how would the writers of Scripture have known thousands of years ago?  
We know the Earth is truly suspended in space. If the sun fails to rise we are in trouble.  
The flat Earth theory isn’t new.  No matter who you credit with discovering that the Earth is round - check it out, somehow the writers of Scripture knew way before!  “He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭40‬:‭22‬a They knew because they were inspired by The one who created it all!