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Genesis 48
on November 15th, 2023
Good Morning “Submitting to The Word of The Lord.”  Today we are in Genesis Chapter 48.  At first glance this chapter can be confusing.  It’s confusing because we’ve already become accustomed to the way things are done as it relates to their culture and the time.  We do the same thing with our culture dont we?  When God moves in a way that contradicts cultural acceptance we’re often frozen in our ...  Read More
Genesis 47
on November 14th, 2023
Good Morning “In the World, but Not of It.”  Today we are in Genesis 47.  The family / nation of Israel is racked by the famine.  Yesterday we read the Israel (Jacob) was obedient and headed out of the land and into Egypt.  Joseph had concern that while his family was living in Egypt they would assimilate into the Egyptian culture.  They would begin to adopt their pagan ways.  That said, he’s got ...  Read More
Genesis 46
on November 13th, 2023
Good Morning “Led by The Lord.”  Today we are in Genesis Chapter 46.So Israel set out for Egypt.  Moses is using “Israel”, Jacob’s new name here, as an indication to us that Jacob is being led by the Lord.  Whenever we see his old name “Jacob” used, it’s a clue he’s acting in the flesh.  He goes as far as Beersheba (last town before Egypt) and sets up an alter and offers a sacrifice.  Although the...  Read More
Genesis 45
on November 12th, 2023
Good Morning “Repentant”.  Today we are in Genesis 45.Remember Joseph is a picture of Jesus and his brothers a picture of Israel.  In fact with Jacob and his family now being called Israel we are seeing the nation of Gods people formed.So chapter 45 opens with Joseph unable to contain himself.  His brothers hearts are clearly different.  They were willing to put it all on the line for Benjamin.  G...  Read More
Genesis 44
on November 11th, 2023
Good Morning “Test Passers.”  Today we are in Genesis 44.As they all finish lunch together Joseph once again hatched a plan to put the brothers to the test.  They appear to have changed hearts, but are they real?He instructs his attendants to fill all their bags with grain, as much as they can carry.  Put their silver back inside as well, and put Joseph’s silver cup in Benjamin’s bag.  They would ...  Read More
Genesis 43
on November 10th, 2023
Good Morning “Recipients of Grace.”  Today we are in Genesis 43.  As we continue with the story of Joseph we get to see an incredible picture of Gods Grace with us.  No only did Joseph spare his brothers when they came back to him, but literally paid the price of their life saving grain.  As Jacob had already made clear, without it all of Israel would have starved to death.  Gods plan to bring all...  Read More
Genesis 42
on November 9th, 2023
Good Morning “Disciplined.”  Today we are in Genesis 42.Joseph is exalted, raised to 2nd in command of all of Egypt.  With famine over the whole land.  As a result of Josephs plan and Egypt storing up grain during 7 years of abundance Egypt is the only land  with food at this point.  If you’re going to live you have to go to Egypt and buy grain.  Thus God has now placed Joseph in a position of inc...  Read More
Genesis 41
on November 8th, 2023
Good Morning “Exalted.”  Today we are in Genesis 41“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.” James 4:10Things are looking up… slowly.  Joseph loves the Lord and is indeed wise.  Additionally God has given him a gift.  As we saw in chapter 40, Joseph is able to interpret dreams… well kind of.  As he makes clear, it is God that gives the interpretation.After interpreting the drea...  Read More
Genesis 40
on November 7th, 2023
Good Morning “Future Prosperity and Hope Seekers.”  Today we are in Genesis 40.Jeremiah 29:11 tells us “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”‭‭How badly do you want to be in the center of Gods will for you?  We all want God to fulfill those prosperous plans for our life, but… What if Gods plan for y...  Read More
Genesis 39
on November 6th, 2023
Good Morning “You Who Flee Immorality.”  Today we are in Genesis 39.  In chapter 37 we saw that Jacob favored Joseph because he was wise.  Our translations use a phrase such as because “he was the son of his old age” but the orig Hebrew phrase is quite different.In chapter 39 we get to really see the kind of man Joseph was.  No wonder he was the favorite.  Now in Egypt a slave in Potiphar’s house,...  Read More
Genesis 38
on November 5th, 2023
Good Morning “Restored Through Repentance.”  Today we are in Genesis 38.Last chapter we saw the beginning of the story of Joseph.  The chapter ends with Joseph being sold into Egypt - to Potiphar.  While Jospeh is in Egypt over the next  22 years or so - the story of Judah’s line takes place.  Remember he is the recipient of the seed promise.  Israel’s Kings will descend from his line… the Messiah...  Read More
Genesis 37
on November 4th, 2023
Good Morning “Receivers of The Savior.”  Today we are in Genesis 37 the beginning of the story of Joseph and that colorful coat.  This chapter is jamb packed with parallels and pictures of Jesus.  Here are a few things to keep in mind as you study.- God takes our evil sinful hearts and uses them to accomplish His good will.  We’ve seen that all through Genesis - it continues here.- Joseph is a pic...  Read More