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Leviticus 5

Good Morning “Guilty of Sin.”  Today we are in Leviticus 5.  

Leviticus 5 wraps up the Sin Offering and moves into the Guilt Offering.  Let’s have a quick review first.

- The Burnt Offering was for general sinfulness, an over all sin state.  It recognized my devotion and surrender to God - take all of me.  Romans 12:1 for us - we offer all of ourselves as living sacrifices.

- The Grain Offering was in sense a thank offering.  A recognition of all of Gods provision and an offering back to Him.  We too should hold loosely all that He’s given as it’s all a blessing from His hand.  

- The Fellowship Offering recognized their fellowship with God and each other.  Like our fellowship with God and each other through the Holy Spirit.

- The Sin offering was for unintentional sin.  Being naive to sin is not an excuse. God has written His law on our hearts, revealed Himself to us through creation, and gives us the Holy Spirit at Salvation to convict and teach us His Word.  We ought to know.  

- Now we look at the Guilt Offering.  This was an offering given to make restitution for sin, to pay back damages for sin committed.  If my sin causes me to crash my car into yours - we understand that I am expected to pay damages to you for your car and injuries.  That’s called restitution.  Thats the essence of the guilt offering. If you’re guilty you pay.  

Love you all!  Dig in.