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Numbers 23

Good Morning “Appliers of The Word.”  Today we are in Numbers 23.

Balaam had some issues.  He tried his very best to run ahead of God.  He wanted more.  Balaam was a “for profit prophet”.

We’ve seen in our midst, those who believe serving The Lord “should” come with “blessing” in the form of dollars, cents and shinny things.  If I’m gonna devote my life to serving The Lord, then He should make me rich.  Sunday Services become more about butts in seats and money in plates than Preaching Truth.  

Balaam misunderstood the relationship between obedience and blessing.  Balaam misunderstood “blessing” itself.  God never promises us a life filled with rainbows and bunnies if we follow Him.  In fact Jesus declared “In this life you will have trouble.”  All of the commands and principles we get from Scripture assume that we will have struggles in the midst.  In the midst of hardship and struggle is when our light shines brightest.  This idea that there is expectation of us as followers of Christ as long as our lives are going smooth simply isn’t Biblical.

Balaam wanted all the benefits and none of the responsibilities.
Balaam illustrates a person who has access to the Truth, who reads the Bible continually, yet never obeys it. Church’s are filled with people who have access to and knowledge of the Truth, but they are never willing to put it into practice because they insist on doing what they want to do.

But not you… If you’re still studying with us each day, blessings on you!  The Word of God will change the way you look at things, from the inside out - if you read it and apply it!  Thats the True Blessing!  

Love you all!  Dig in!