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Numbers 17

Good Morning “Reminded Humble Followers.”  Today we are in Numbers 17.

Do you have a Jesus Fish (Ichthus) on your car?  What about a cross necklace or chain you wear?  Christian T-Shirt maybe.  What about in your home or office - Do you have a Cross on the wall or?  As we’ve read about the nation of Israel we’ve seen God give them reminders of His goodness, and power.  The Passover for instance.  The Sabbath.  He’s also given and commanded physical reminders, Alters of Stones / Ebenezer’s, and the Articles in the Tabernacle are just a couple.  These reminders become useless if we fail to be reminded.  They just become decoration.

The nation of Israel was not unlike us.  They seem to really have a problem with whose leading them.  They’ve challenged Moses’ authority several times.  Just last chapter we read as Korah, Dathan, Abiram and 250 others rose up against Moses once again.  Ever tempted to believe the false teaching that Hell doesn’t exist?  God opens up the earth and the three and their families are swallowed right up -
alive.  Down to the “realm of the dead”.  Hell / Sheol on full display.  
The 250… God consumed with fire!  God doesn’t play around.

In this chapter they’re now challenging  Aaron as High Priest.  In typical God fashion He makes it ABUNDANTLY clear who He has chosen. They are to bring a staff from each of the 12 Tribal Leaders.  The one that buds overnight will be the one God has chosen.  Arron’s not only buds, but blossoms and bears fruit - almonds actually!  God commands them to keep the staff.  Put in front of The Arc of The Covenant as a continual sign to the rebellious.

My office is full of reminders.  Pictures from incredible mission trips.  Objects that serve as reminders.  My latest addition is Frappe.  Frappe is my Beta fish.  He lives in a blender and although he’s got an entire world of open safe water - he  likes to swim near the blades.  He’s a constant reminder that we all like to walk the line.

We have a world full of blessing and opportunity that God has said YES to… yet we like to play with the one thing He’s said no to!  Kinda like Adam and Eve in the Garden.  What is it that reminds you of your inclination to rebellion?  What is it that reminds you of His goodness and faithfulness?

Love you all!  Dig in!