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Joshua 6

Good Morning “Those who obey anyway.”  Today we are in Joshua 6.

Throughout Scripture we see stories of God moving in miraculous ways that we don’t understand.  Here He is about to give Jericho into the hands of Israel.  The battle method… marching, trumpet blowing and shouting on the 7th day.  7 days of  required obedience.  Not a word until the 7th day.  

As Joshua gave the instructions Israel had to be thinking… now what?  Remember to remember comes in handy here.  They’ve heard stories of the Exodus and parting the Red Sea.  They’ve been fed manna from heaven and drank water from a rock - and just walked across the flooding Jordan without getting wet. Remembering Gods faithfulness through miraculous intervention and provision is key!

Nevertheless; we as humans often feel like we have to jump in with “better” more drastic methods when Gods Word seems lacking.  If the victory is the Lord’s, the battle method is arbitrary. Not unimportant, just arbitrary to conventional thought. How does tithing expand your business? How does prayer heal a person’s cancer? How does reading Scripture restore a marriage? None of those things, in and of themselves, accomplishes those goals. God performs the miracle, but He commands us to faithfully obey His Word.

Although our part in the work of God may at times seem small and insignificant, our obedience to His Word is not!  He gives the command, He expects obedience, in our obedience He is glorified! Gods will for us, the personal ministry He calls us to, may at times seem crazy, impossible, outlandish or even minimal.  it simply doesn’t add up.  Of course not!  If it did it probably could be accomplished under our own limited power.  Then who gets the glory?  

His ways are not our ways.  Obey anyway!  Love you all!  Dig in!