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Leviticus 17

Good Morning “Worshippers of Only God.”  Today we are in Leviticus 17.

The payment required for sin is death (Romans 6:23).  The shedding of blood for every sin was required of Israel.  Perhaps the shedding of the blood, and the direct involvement of the one who brought the sacrifice, was meant to drive home the seriousness of the sin.  

Scripture tells us that life is in the blood!  Biology concurs.  No blood = no life.  The blood of an animal or human carries precious oxygen, nutrients and proteins to each cell in the body.  Literally ALL we need is carried to every cell by our blood!  All the junk, all the byproducts of our working cells is carried away.  Are you picturing Jesus blood giving us life right now?  Through His blood we are given life, saved from our sin, and by His power all the junk removed!   (2 Cor. 5:17, Gal. 2:20, Phil. 1:6)

I was in a horrible accident more than 8 years ago.  I lost 2/3 of the blood in my body before I began receiving transfusions.  I was nearly dead, why… I had no blood.  God apparently wasn’t done with me, because according to the Dr’s, and Surgeons - I should have been.  Blood = Life!  His Blood = New Life.  No Blood = No Life!  Simple.

Blood is a big deal! Anyone who’s ever lost a bunch of it knows!  Worshippers of Satan and false gods know this too!  As a part of Pagan worship then, and even still now, blood is consumed!  Recognizing the power and value of blood, consuming it is thought to bring power to the Pagan worshiper.  Hence God forbids consuming blood!  

As His chosen, the nation of Israel was Holy set apart for service to the Lord, and were to look different from the world and NOTHING like the Pagan worshippers.  As His chosen, WE are Holy set apart for service to the Lord, and should look different from the world and NOTHING like the Pagan worshipers (Romans 12:1-2).  What does that mean to us today?  What kinds of things make us look just like the rest of the world?  What kinds of things make us look different?  

Love you all!  Keep digging!  Look different!