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Leviticus 13

Good Morning “Valuable Individuals”.  Today we are in Leviticus 13.

As you’re reading about the laws regarding disease, do you find yourself with a heart for the one described?  Are you sad that they may have to be put outside the camp for a time while they heal?  Or do you default to a different idea?  “Yes, get them out, I don’t want to get that junk!”  

Step back from the pages and try to study from Gods perspective.  You’ll see a God who cares about every individual, the protection of those around the sick individual and also the individual themself.  He seeks to protect the whole,  while at the same time giving guidelines to be an able to restore the sick individual back to the community.  

Oddly enough even articles of fabric, valuable in their days, were sought to be preserved if possible.  

What does any of this have to do with us in our days of modern medicine?  Interestingly enough the principles similarly apply to those within the church engaged in public sin.  A little yeast can spoil the whole batch.  Yeast is a metaphor for sin.  Sin spreads secretly and can move through a whole body.  

So when sin is discovered, there is to be an examination process, a testing to see if there is true change (repentance).  If not, potentially, they may be removed from service and if warranted put out of the church.  Ultimately there should be a desire to restore them back into the church community.  The reason they are put out is to further spur them on to repentance.  A true believer struggles to live outside of the body of believers and will long to come back.  

Through repentance - mercy, grace, and restoration should be found as that is the model we see in Jesus.

Love you all!  Dig in!