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Leviticus 22

Good Morning “Observers of Holy God.”  Today we are in Leviticus 22.  

The Priests and by extension the whole nation of Israel were reminded not to vary in living out the ordinances they had been given?  Why… because it would profane the name of The Lord.  

When we live obediently with fear of The Lord, we honor Him.  When we live contrary to His word it dishonors or profanes His name.  It’s disobedience.  Think of a misbehaved child… one might think, “Man what’s up with that kid… his parents need to do their job.”  It goes beyond just disobedience though.  

Years ago we took out Jr High students to a “Believe Conference” in Denver.  Many groups there wore the same t-shirts.   One group wore t-shirts that said “Jesus is my homeboy.”  Ummmm… NO He’s NOT, silently echoed in my mind.  He came, suffered, died and rose again so that we might be reconciled to God through His payment on The Cross.  The relationship we get to enjoy as a result is real, personal and intimate.  He even calls us His friend… but He is not, nor will He ever be level with us. He is our Holy God!  We dare not profame His name.  

Think of it like this.  Growing up, my friends and I had a particular way of greeting each other.  It took on different forms over the years and might have even involved punching one another, combined with a “Hey Bro”.  Imagine meeting a decorated war veteran, a highly respected Pastor, the President or even a great grandfather.  Not a chance I would give him a punch and a “Hey Bro”.  

When we act like knuckleheads we can dishonor our family names.  Oh… that guy… just like a Newby.  We must be careful not to defame the name of Jesus Christ. As believers WE are called by His name - “CHRISTian”.  What kinds of things do we do that dishonor our adopted name?  How are we doing Honoring Him!  The same principle given to Israel still applies today!  Observe His Holiness, in reverent fear.  

Love you all!  Dig in yourselves!