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Leviticus 16

Good Morning “Benefactors of Jesus Atonement.”  Today we are in Leviticus 16

The Day of Atonement is so important because that is the day a human got to go into God's presence in the Holy of Holies.  This is the center of the tabernacle, behind the innermost veil, where God's actual presence was.

There are two main sacrifices made on this day. The first is a bull for the priest's sins and the cleansing of the tabernacle.  Its blood is brought into the Holy of Holies behind the veil and put on the mercy seat.  (Leviticus 16:14)

The second sacrifice involves two goats.  One goat is a sin offering for all the people. Its blood is also brought into the Holy of Holies to cleanse it on behalf of all the people's sins. The second goat, was brought in front of the tent where the high priest would lay his hands on it, and confess all the sins of the people. Man how long would that take if that was the requirement today? The goat was then taken outside the city and released into the wilderness, never to return.

Their sin has literally been taken away from them - what a picture.  
Are you picturing our Day of Atonement?   What the High Priest had to do every year, Jesus was able to do once for all. (Romans 6:10).  The day Jesus died on the cross is our one Day of Atonement.

The Day of Atonement brought one priest behind that curtain once a year. But after Jesus died on the cross, the curtain in the temple was torn in two. (Matthew 27:51) We now have access directly and no longer have to go through the priest.  Jesus' is our high priest, He made atonement once for all, as a result, we who are a Royal Priesthood have eternal access.

The sacrificial system was a constant reminder to Israel of their sin and need for a once for all Savior.  Jesus was the
 final sacrifice, we can be sure that our sin has been dealt with permanently. There is no need for further sacrifice. (Hebrews 9:12)

God desires to fellowship with His people.  Even after Adam and Eve’s sin in The Garden - God still came to fellowship with them.  The sacrificial system made it possible for Israel.  Jesus made it possible for all who believe!  

Love you all!  Dig in!