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Deuteronomy 33

Good Morning “Not Perfect But Blessed.”  Today we are in Deuteronomy 33.  

We’ve talked about Deuteronomy being the book of Grace.  Moses retells Israel’s story throughout Deuteronomy but chooses to focus more heavily on Gods grace and mercy as opposed to His punishment.

Here, despite his knowing that Israel would rebel, be disobedient and continue turn from God repeatedly… he chooses to speak blessing on them.  Why?

Moses understood that although Israel fell short of personal righteousness, God had promised to work through them as a nation to accomplish His will.

Likewise, the gentile church plays a role as well.  As grafted in, “Children of God”, we are to serve Him daily.  The church and its members are the vehicle by which He’s chosen to make His name known.  We are the “Bride of Christ.”  

Therefore we too must be careful how we refer to The Church as a whole.  We must be careful to ourselves be a blessing within and not a curse. The individual people that make up the Church aren’t always perfect, and they don’t always represent Jesus well, but we can be certain that God is at work even in the imperfections of those He called to be His children.  
Love you all!  Dig in!