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Numbers 20

Good Morning “Followers of Only The One True God.”  Today we are in Numbers 20.  

Who do you listen to?  Who do you read?  Whose YouTube messages do you watch?  Who do you follow?  

Hopefully that last question has a different answer than the others.  When a Pastor or Teacher preaches a message that convicts us, we can have a tendency to blame our conviction on him.  “Shoot the messenger” so to speak.   “ I hate it when Pastor speaks directly to me, using my personal struggle as fodder for his message.  I don’t know how he found out about that!”  Have you ever thought that?  Even if for just a moment?  Contrary to the Evil Ones suggestion we rarely if ever have any one person on our minds when delivering a Spirit led message.  The Word of God is living and active and cuts to the core… Our conviction comes from the Holy Spirit not the Pastor.  

By the same token, when we fall in love with The Word, or are moved by a message, or messages, we may also misapply those feelings.  We can fall in love with the deliver of the message rather than the Author.  Occasionally a parent will ask how long I am going to be our Youth Pastor.  “Well you gotta stick around long enough for my youngest to come through YG.” I have to confess - my pride wells up.  Those kinds of statements feel good for sure, however; both myself and the parent must remember - it’s not me.  None of it is me.  Pastors are just willing, broken mouthpieces.  Willing ears to listen… etc.

The Nation of Israel followed Moses and Aaron… and sometimes God.  Moses and Aaron no doubt lost order at times.  This chapter contains the famous story of Moses striking the rock with his staff instead of speaking to it as God commanded.  Why?  Why did he do it?  Had he mistaken Gods power with the staff?  Was he filled with frustration over the people or mourning over the death of his sister?  Whatever the cause of his disobedience it cost him.  Moses would NOT ever enter Canaan the Promised Land.  

Keep it straight!  It’s all God!  Always.  We can’t get puffed up when God uses us, nor should we follow man!  Follow Jesus!  Men are fallible!  Men come and go!  Our Lord is the same yesterday today and tomorrow.

Love you all!  Dig in!