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Deuteronomy 15

Good Morning “Lookers of Things Through a Biblical Lens.”   Today we are in Deuteronomy 15.

A few things to point out and remind you of from this chapter.  

God owns it all.  All that we have, even what we’ve earned, we’ve been given by His hand.  (1 Cor 4:7) He is glorified when we hold it loosely and are willing share it with others.  He could provide for those in need in any number of ways but has chosen to use the Body of Believers as a conduit.  We cannot out give Him!  (Luke 6:38) He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  In this chapter He urges Israel to be generous, but the same concepts are repeated throughout Scripture.  (Luke 12:33, 1 John 3:17, Hebrews 13:16)

Opponents of Christianity often point to The Bible’s guidelines regarding Slavery as leverage for arguing that Christianity and / or Judaism are oppressive.  Understand first that Israel’s version of slavery was not the version we have become accustomed to learning about.  Typically a Hebrew would choose to sell them selves to pay off a debt or to purchase something they could not afford at the time.  Think of it more like mortgaging a house or getting a loan for a car. There were limits which we see God imposing here.  Often the servant was treated so well they chose to stay and continue to work and be part of the family because of their preferable treatment.  Consider Jacob who became a slave to Laban to earn Rachel… twice actually.  He agreed to work for 7 years to pay the dowry - then agreed again.  (Gen. 29:18-30)

Love you all!  Dig in!  Know the Word so you can recognize inaccuracies!