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Leviticus 10

Good Morning “Doers Exactly As He Says.”  Today we are in Leviticus 10.  

Man what a turn of events.  One second Aaron and his sons are going about The Lords precious business.  How honored they must have felt to be trusted with such valuable work.  Then, a moment of weakness, arrogance, perhaps pride?  What got into Nadab and Abihu?  Maybe they doubted whether Moses truly heard The Word of The Lord.  Maybe their pride took over and they thought they had a better way.  Did they think God would change His ways per their methods?  Dead, that’s what it got them.

It reminds me of some of what we see in the contemporary church today.  We’ve traded True Biblical teaching for feel good messages that some believe will equal butts in seats and money in plates.   We’ve skipped over Gods Truth in Scripture and arrogantly gathered in think tank discussion groups that feed our pride.  “We think we’re wise but we’re fools.” 1 Cor. 3:18. Some shutter to teach the whole counsel of God and as a result we’ve made God into something He’s not.  

We’ve lost true Fear of God - because only does that which we deem good.  We sit in judgment over Him and His Word deciding “what it means” and who He is.   We concentrate only on the fluffy stuff.  We love the Exodus, but forget He hardened Pharaoh’s heart so he wouldn’t relent. He then brought all 10 plagues on Egypt so that the people might know His power, fear Him and tell their children for generations.  We love the story of Moses parting the Red Sea, but coincidentally leave out the fact that He scattered the Egyptian army along the sea shore, in full view of all - including the women and children.  We know the story of the Golden Calf, but neglect the horror of the Levites slaughtering brothers, fathers, in front of their families - 3000 dead by sword as a result of their disobedience.  Yes this is OT, but God and His view of sin and disobedience doesn’t change.

We tend to romanticize all of Scripture as it messes with our categories instead of recognizing The One True God of The Scriptures as He ACTUALLY is.  We don’t have to dream it up, His Word is clear.  He is not the bunnies and rainbows God that loves everyone that we’ve made Him to be.  Again - Scripture is clear, but how do we know that if we ourselves don’t read it.  Relying on our Pastors to get It all in during our 90 min Sunday services isn’t enough.

It’s incumbent upon us to know IT and live IT all!  Thats the expectation.  Love you all!  Dig in!