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Leviticus 20

Good Morning “Choosers of Holiness”.  Today we are in Leviticus 20.

Seems most any type of the immorality was to result in the death of the offender.  The truth is, spiritually speaking, death is the payment required for any and all sin.  “The wages (payment for) of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus.” Romans 6:23  Hence the need for our Savior Jesus.  

Within the verses of Leviticus chapter 20 we find this tidbit.  “Consecrate yourselves and be holy, because I am the Lord your God. Keep my decrees and follow them. I am the Lord, who makes you holy.” Leviticus‬ ‭20‬:‭7‬-‭8‬ ‭NIV‬‬

What does it mean to consecrate yourself, and be Holy?

From the Oxford dictionary: Consecrate - make or declare (something, typically a church) sacred; dedicate to a religious or divine purpose. “the present Holy Trinity church was consecrated in 1845"

When we receive Jesus payment for our sin, we become the dwelling place of God - specifically The Holy Spirit.  1 Corinthians 6:19 “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.”

Do you realize your body is sacred?  Have you consecrated (declared, dedicated) yourself for His purpose?  Have you ever thought, “I choose holiness”? God doesn’t command it unless we have the ability to choose it.  With the Holy Spirit we can for the first time choose NOT to sin.  1 Corinthians 10:13  promises that He will not allow us to be tempted beyond what we can bear.  But, when we are tempted He will provide a way out.

Understand that sometimes that “way out” comes when we use the thing housed between our ears.  We know the areas we are weakest in.  We are expected to make good choices, way before we find temptation overwhelming.  

If I know I struggle with alcohol… maybe I don’t eat at the bar and grill! If as a young man, (or old man) I struggle with my thought life… maybe Waterworld or the beach isn’t the best choice.  I once had a discipleship student whose dad came to talk to me.  His son was tardy to PE class every day and his tardiness was beginning to affect his grade.  The son would not give his dad an acceptable reason.  After some pulling and prodding I finally got the young man to tell me why.  You see… to get to the boys locker room you had to pass by the girls.  The young man ashamedly confessed that when he passed by, and the door to the girls locker room swung open, he was tempted to look inside.  He was late each day because rain or shine he walked around the outside of the school, came in through the swimming pool, and accessed the boys locker room from the other end of the hallway - so as to not have to pass by the girls locker room.  He eventually got the courage to tell his father who proudly celebrated his wise decision and informed the teacher and the school he would continue to be tardy.  

Get it?  

Love you all!  Dig in!  Choose!  Consecrate yourselves!  Be Holy!