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Numbers 28

Good Morning “Offerers of it ALL”.  Today we are in Numbers 28.

As preparation for the nation entering into the “Promised Land”, God through Moses is reminding the people to stay close to Him.  You’re probably thinking… Wait… what?  As I read chapter 28 it seems like it’s all about offerings.   Yes it is!  But why do we think God commanded the nation to bring offerings in the first place?  They all demonstrated their faith, but the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly regular offerings were meant to draw them into devotion and relationship.  They were meant to cause them to reflect on all the ways God had blessed them and acknowledge, all they have is His.

We get hung up on a 10th, a Tithe of our finances.  Although that term was used in the Old Testament, their annual giving was way more than that.  The word Tithe is not used regarding our giving.  In fact in the New Testament we get the idea that our giving should demonstrate our degree of thankfulness.  If you’re a little thankful give a little.  A lot - then give a lot.  It’s not to be limited by the amount we have - on hand, for he supplies it all!  Our giving should cause us to reflect on all the ways God has blessed us and acknowledge, all we have is His.  

Our giving however; should NOT be just of our finances.  We are to offer ALL of ourselves - a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1).  When and how?  Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly… always as long as we live - Holy and pleasing to the Lord.  If I am dialed in daily, and offer myself daily, then oddly serving in the church weekly will not be a challenge, helping out with a ministry monthly - no problem.  A yearly mission trip will be a natural occurrence because I’m walking with Him - giving all of myself daily.   Defending my faith, standing for those who can’t stand for themselves, even loving those hard to love will come more naturally because I’m walking with Him.  

Notice… it starts with daily!  Love you all!  Dig in!