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Numbers 9

Good Morning “Remember-ers of ALL God Has Done.”  Today we are in Numbers 9.  

The Tabernacle is completed, the Levite Priests are consecrated… Now what?  First God wants them to remember.  Remember from where He has brought them and how He did it.  They were in bondage, slavery, and by His mighty power, through 10 plagues or judgments, culminating with the death of the first born - He got them kicked out of Egypt, arms full of loot (Exodus 12:33-36).  In His grace, by their demonstration of faith, in observing the Passover - they were spared.  God hardened Pharaoh’s heart so that the full extent of His power would be on display.  So that, they would “Remember” and tell all generations to come.  (Exodus 10:1-2)

What followed was God leading them, like a Military Battalion, through the desert.  They would endure much hardship and by it be drawn together in a way that no blessing could.  They would camp when the Cloud of The Lord settled and move when It lifted.  They would learn to be led totally by Him.  Sometimes they would settle for days, sometimes years with no hint as to which.  

The key to their remaining faithful was that they were to “REMEMBER”.  Remember how far they have come, and how their Faithful Powerful God did it!  Does this sound familiar to us?  After Paul warns Timothy of all of the hardship and terrible times to come in the last days - he reminds him to remember all that he has learned and that those he learned from were trustworthy.  He actually tells him to continue in what has learned. (2 Tim. 3)

In a world full of alternate, non-Biblical philosophies it is important we “Remember”.  Remember where we were and what God has done through our Savior Jesus - our Passover Lamb.  We once were lost but now we are found. (Luke 15:10) Remember The Biblical Truth you have been taught,  and from whom you have learned it - they know and love you!  The guy on the internet, looking for views and likes, doesn’t know you.  As we “Remember” may we respond to Jesus determined to follow with with TOTAL OBEDIENCE.  (Luke 9:57, John 10:27)

Love you all!  Dig in!