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Numbers 12

Good Morning “Keepers of Your Head in All Situations”.  Today we are in Numbers 12.

Aaron and Miriam have lost their minds!  At least in a sense.  Having been witness to Gods relationship with Moses - what were they thinking?  What were they feeling?  Perhaps envy,jealously, or lack of humility.  How soon they forget Gods power.

Aaron was the oldest.  Perhaps in his mind he’s thinking the birthright and leadership should have been his.  He was High Priest, wasn’t that enough?  Was he also beginning to desire Moses’ place with God?

Remember Miriam was Moses’s older sister.  She did her best to protect him when he was a baby - following him in the basket right down the river.  Once rescued by Pharaoh’s daughter, she’s the one who suggested Moses be nursed by his own mother.  Maybe she had a hard time taking orders from the little brother she once had to care for.

God chooses who He chooses.  He sees the heart.  He puts in position who He puts in position.  We’ve already seen how quick He is to deal with grumbling and whining.  Now here we see how quick He deals with Aaron and Miriam’s envy and resulting criticism of Moses.  Notice God owes them no explanation as to why He seemingly overlooked Moses Cushite wife.  

In our “me focused” world full of selfish, feed our flesh desires, where non-Biblical philosophies seem to reign we must be ever more vigilant to keep our thoughts in check - taking them captive.  Paul tells Timothy to keep his head, in all situations.  Check out Paul’s words for young Timothy in 2 Timothy 4:1-4.  

Love you all!  Keep your heads in all situations!  Dig in!