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Leviticus 4

Good Morning “Unintentional Sinners.”  Today we are in Exodus 4.”

The wages of sin, or payment required for sin is death.  Exodus 4 is all about the Sin Offering.  Notice however the sin offering is to be made when a specific unintentional sin is discovered or become conscious.  What does this mean?  How can it be sin if I don’t know I’m doing it?  After all, even if it is not in Gods law, but I believe it’s wrong it’s still sin to me.  There sure is a lot of opportunity for sin.  Yup… almost like we need a Savior!

From Roman’s 14:23, James 4:16-17 we get the understanding that if I believe something to be wrong, and choose to do it - it is sin for me.  Why?  Because God wants our heart of obedience, and a heart of willful disobedience is sinful.  But what about when I sin and don’t even know it?  Oddly Gods Law and its demand for life is not dependent upon us “knowing” what we are doing.  Ignorance is not an excuse.  The nation of Israel was expected to “know”.  It’s why the job of the father, the Spiritual Leader in the family was and is so essential.  

It’s really no different for us today.  Romans 1 tells us the creation testifies to Gods existence and as such is sufficient for our condemnation.  In other words, He’s revealed Himself so evidently in creation we have no excuse not to seek Him.  Romans 2 explains He’s written His Law on our hearts.  When we seek Him we are promised we will find Him.  Once we find Him and receive Jesus payment, He gives us the Holy Spirit who convicts us of sin, and teaches us from His Word.  We are expected to be both sensitive to the Spirits conviction and diligent to learn the Word - hence we have no excuse.  Our sin detracts from our sensitivity to The Spirit, and draws us away from a desire to know His Word - so again, we’re held accountable.  

Thank you Jesus, for paying the price for our sin, lest we be doomed.  Love you all!  Dig in!