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Deuteronomy 1

Good Morning “Learners From Your Mistakes.”  Today we start Deuteronomy chapter 1.

In recent years “Self Love”, “Self Care”, “Self Talk”, “My Truth”, me focused movements have gained popularity.  Truthfully we tend towards anything that tells us it’s ok to entertain our selfish, me focused fleshly natures.  We swallow the ideas hook line and sinker because they “feel” good to us.  

Among these largely non Biblical ideas is this concept of forgiving ourselves, forgetting our pasts and giving ourselves permission to be happy. Sure sounds right doesn’t it?  The Truth is these concepts find little or no support in Scripture.  In fact largely the opposite is true.  We are to put others before ourselves, and be selfless.  (Phil. 2:3-11) We are seek God first and allow Him to take care of our needs. (Matt. 6:33) We are selfish by nature and need to constantly keep our carnal nature in check - using Gods Word.  

Deuteronomy is one of those books that does not advance historically, or geographically.  The nation of Israel is set to move into Canaan, “The Promised Land.”  In preparation for their taking the land Moses delivers a series of messages, or speeches.  

Chapter 1 recounts some of the events of their wandering in the wilderness.  Primarily Moses is addressing their lack of faith and their disobedience. Why would Moses bring up their past mistakes? Anyone ever do this to you? “Uggghhh, why are you reminding me of my mistakes?”

Have you ever stopped to consider why God commands us to forgive others, but not forget?  (Eph 4:32) We add the forget part to “forgive and forget”.  That doesn’t come from God.  We would like to totally erase the mistakes of our past, and society tells us we should.  Hang in though, could the pain associated with our mistakes be the very thing that gives us incentive NOT to make the same mistakes again?     Could that be why God so often reminds Israel and us of the past mistakes his people have made?

My two cents… the pain of our past mistakes SHOULD serve as a deterrent never to go there again.  Yet, we can’t  dwell on them to the point of hindering our service to God.  It’s proper Godly balance.  Biblically we see both concepts.  Paul who definitely had mistakes to dwell on used them as incentive to be different - yet spoke to his moving forward as well. (Phil 3:13-14).  

On the other hand, God forgets our sin . . . and holds it against us no more!  Psalm 103:12; Isaiah 43:25; Jeremiah 31:34; Hebrews 8:12; 10:17.  

Simply put - We are reminded of our sin, that we might not do it again and be reminded of His great mercy, grace and forgiveness - that we might press into Jesus.  

Love you all!   Dig in!