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Numbers 29

Good Morning “Resting and Thankful” Today we are in Numbers 29.  

In this chapter we see the reiteration of some special annual festivals.  What is the purpose of these festivals?  Though they vary in detail and purpose, they all were meant to demonstrate faith, thankfulness, and focus on God.  They were to remember His Goodness, Power, Protection and Provision, all He has done - whether through atonement or celebration.  What strikes me is the command “not to work”, at the beginning of the instruction for each.  He wanted their complete attention during.  

But why would they have to be commanded not to work?  When we studied Sabbath Laws throughout the previous OT books, we picked up a principle.  If they are faithful to work as commanded, 6 days if we’re talking weekly,  then God will provide sufficiently for them.  Hence when they, by faith, obey Him regarding the commanded days of rest - they will not go without.  

Im guessing that in their lack of faith they would work nearly 24/7 365 to try to provide for themselves, rather than trusting God for their provision.  Again, God was attempting to keep them close.  By instituting the punishment of death, or cutting off, if they didn’t observe The Sabbaths - the punishment was severe enough that they would have incentive to focus on Him on the days of rest.

Although the Sabbath commands are not given to us in the New Testament the principle is the same.  If we are faithful to work as commanded, seeking Him first, His Kingdom and Righteousness, then He will provide for our needs.  Read Matthew 6.  When we forget Him in the equation… in other words lack faith, then we will struggle regardless.  When we fail to rest, and center up on Him, we too can easily find ourselves spinning our wheels trying to “do it ourselves.”  We too can work 24/7 365 and realize it’s still “not enough”, at least from our prospective.  Centering up on Him, aligning ourselves with Him, in our rest - brings both Godly prospective and demonstrates our faith in His provision not ours.  He holds it all in His hand!  He provides even through our labor.  Our lack of faith and obedience can result in withheld blessing.

Love you all!  Dig in!