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Deuteronomy 3

Good Morning “Living With Consequences of Past Sins.”  Today we are in Deuteronomy 3.

Imagine for a minute what Moses is feeling here.  He’s faithfully led the nation of Israel, dealt with the frustration of their sin, and brought them The Word of The Lord for 40 years.  The new generation plus Joshua and Caleb are about to take possession of the promise land… but not Moses.  He was not without sin, in fact he had his moments of disobedience.  The consequences of which meant he could look at it, but not go into the “Promised Land”.  

In fact as we close out this chapter we see Moses move from the stories and reminders of Israel’s history to the story of God taking Him to the top of Pisgah so that he could look in all directions at the Promised Land.  No doubt if Moses could go back, he would speak to the rock a hundred times over but definitely not hit it.  

We all sin.  And, our sin comes with consequences that we do not get to choose.  Some of those may be more than we can bear.  I mean as we read Scripture it seems Moses was pretty faithful - I mean, over all.  But unfortunately that’s not the benchmark of righteousness.  

We sin easy enough.  Then we repent, ask for forgiveness and are restored to our Father in Heaven.  God promises that forgiveness in 1 John 1:9.  However; He never promises to take away the consequences, no matter how much we want it to be that way.  

The moral of the story… Seek, demand, righteousness in our lives.  Frankly the cost of sin is simply too great!  

Love You All!  Dig in!