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Numbers 31

Good Morning “Life Receiver.”  Today we are in Numbers 31.

At first glance this is one of those chapters that can leave your jaw agape.  Opponents of Scripture use such passages to argue God commits genocide, hates women, is racist, cruel, whatever… so let’s address some of those accusations.  

First we must be clear, God is the giver of all life, the creator, and as such life is His to take without needing an explanation.  We are in error assuming we deserve another breath.  

This brings me to me second point.  “The wages of sin is death.” (Roman’s 3:23) Sin requires death… period.  Everything we read about in chapter 31 is the result of sin.  We’re / they’re always given a choice to choose Him.  

God is not somehow racist against those that are not Israel.  Remember, back in chapter 25 He’s already dealt with Israel for the incident that He’s demanding vengeance for here.  He deals with the family of Israel first.  

God is not a pacifist!  He commands this war to now deal with the part the Midianites played in the pagan worship of the Baal of Peor.  Numbers 25

The commanders let the women live, and Moses is fired up. Why?  It was these women that enticed the Hebrew men into sexual worship of the Baal of Peor.  Sin requires death.

Furthermore they let the children live but God orders the young boys also be killed.  How hard this must have been for the warriors.  How is this good?  Consider this, the young boys in their culture would grow up to avenge their father’s deaths.  They likely would in that time amass a ton of sin that they would pay for in hell for all of eternity.  In God taking them before the age of accountability they will spend all eternity with Him in Heaven.  Which is more merciful?

The young girls could be spared, and brought in under cover, and protection.  They like Moses’ wife and others.., would likely adopt the belief system of their provider, and protectors.  Need another example… how about Ruth?  (Ruth 1:16) This is the group she came from.

God is GOOD!  ALL THE TIME!  When you catch yourself spinning off into “how could a good God” type of thoughts… STOP!  We don’t sit in judgment over Him… it’s He over us!  Know and trust The Word of God!  Love you all!  Dig in!