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Leviticus 19

Good Morning “Abnormal.”  Today we are in Leviticus 19.  

What does it mean to be, to act, to look normal?  Oxford defines “normal” accordingly: 1.  Conforming to a standard; usual, typical expected.  

But what happens when the “standard, usual or typically expected” behavior is corrupted or depraved?  Look around.  Consider our world and what has become the “new norm” - what is widely accepted.  Now compare what you see with what you know regarding Gods Word.  In light of the “new norm”; is being “normal” a virtue we should even seek out?

In Romans 12:2, our youth group verse, Paul speaks directly to this idea.  Paul in his letter to the church in Rome realized they were already off track and he tells them, “Do not confirm any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”   Most of your versions will likely simply say “Do not conform”, with “any longer being omitted.”   Dig a little deeper into the original language and you will find the the phrase “Do not conform” is used as a past tense verb phrase.  Hence “any longer”… they already looked like the rest.  

He was urging them to be “transformed” from what they already were, by the renewing of their minds.  We know the only thing capable of true transformation is The Word of God taught by The Spirit of God.  

Here God is reminding Israel through Moses -  of the Law already given and clarifying and in some cases instituting new specifics.  What does this mean to us?  Does it mean that we can’t wear a cotton polyester blend shirt?  

Let me remind you , Israel was Gods chosen people.  They were to look different than their world.  Much of the world around them was pagan.  They did things like drink blood, cut, pierce, mark and tattoo their bodies in worship to their false gods.  “What association does darkness have with light?” (2 Cor. 6:14).

Gods Laws were given for a number of reasons.  Some for  Holiness, some for health reasons, some to preserve the land, some to protect the innocent, some to simply set the people apart that others may know… they were Gods children.  What is it that sets us apart?  Do we look different at all?  

I recently looked up and out over our youth group in the middle of a message - as I asked them to “turn to…”.  I was struck at the number of rustling Bible pages.  
“You guys are abnormal”, I exclaimed, “This is not normal.”  They looked as if I had just insulted them.  Of course I went on to explain… maybe, just maybe, in a world that has indulged their flesh and gone their own way, a room full of “abnormal” students willingly flipping though the pages of Scripture is a good thing!  It doesn’t look “normal”… in fact one may say they look “set apart”.

Keep digging in!  Don’t grow weary!  If The Spirit is going to “transform” us by the Word of God, we must dive into it!  Love you all!