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Deuteronomy 19

Good Morning “Honest Testifiers.”  Today we are in Deuteronomy 19.

Honesty is the best policy… maybe you’ve heard that.  I assume everyone has, but maybe I’m getting old.  Times are changing.  This chapter is nearly all about honesty!  

First, accidental killing, justified killing (purging evil) was to be treated differently than premeditated murder - we see that clearly here.  God took measures to protect the accidental killer until trial with “city’s of refuge.”

Concerning witnesses to the killings or really anything… multiple witnesses were required to convict.  Typically the same is true today.  Why would we need multiple witnesses?  One simply cannot be trusted.  Because of our sin nature - dishonesty squeaks through.  In others ways as well - A little white lie here, a little cheat on our taxes there, glance a look at your neighbors paper in the class room.  

God also addresses their land boundaries.  Don’t move your boundary rock.  Wait… you mean they would actually be inclined to do that… to dishonestly gain more inherited land?  I’ve heard of land disputes in our time.  Some have been known to build fences over onto their neighbors land.  If the fence remains for a specified period of time, (like 7 years I think) and the fence is not disputed, the neighbors land becomes my land - at least the part within the fence.  Maybe that’s not a law anymore, but it used to be.

When sinful men lead, Godly standards go out the window.  The night of Jesus arrest and then subsequent trial - the witness system fell apart.  In fact they had only false witnesses and were seeking additional false witnesses, even paying for them.  Isn’t it interesting  that that the only witness testimony actually recorded in Scripture comes from Peter - and it was informal.  In fact 3 times Peter denies he knows Jesus.  (Matthew 26:69-74, Mark 14:66-72, Luke 22:55-62, and John 18:15-18.) You see, witnessing goes both ways.

How strong is your witness for Jesus?  Are you bold enough to testify about Him in your circles?  If in the face of death, would you confess you know and love Him?  We’ve heard stories of those who did - like Racheal Scott during the Columbine HS massacre.  Think of it like this… if you’re unwilling to talk about Him when little is on the line, do you think you would confess Him if it meant your life.

It’s a fair consideration.  Love you all!  Dig in!