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Deuteronomy 14

Good Morning “Different.”  Today we are in Deuteronomy 14.

God through Moses begins by reminding the nation of Israel what they can and cannot eat - which are clean and unclean animals.  Within this movement is a great example of why it’s important for us to read and know the whole Counsel of God.  Did you catch it?  ”All flying insects are unclean to you; do not eat them.“  Deuteronomy‬ ‭14‬:‭19‬ ‭NIV‬‬. But John the Baptist ate Locusts.  Were they one of the “winged creatures” that were clean per the very next verse?  We find the answer and exception back in Leviticus. There are, however, some flying insects that walk on all fours that you may eat: those that have jointed legs for hopping on the ground.“ Leviticus‬ ‭11‬:‭21‬ NIV

What was the purpose of their specific menu?  Notice it did not apply to the “foreigner” or Gentile.  (Deut. 14:21) God wanted His chosen people, the Nation of Israel,  to look totally different.  We who are chosen, redeemed through Jesus, “The Bride of Christ”- should also look totally different.  Although this specific diet is no longer a requirement, even for Israel (Acts 10:9-23), the urging to look different still applies.  How can we make sure we look different than the rest of the unbelieving world?

Moses moves into regulations regarding their tithes, with admonishment not to forget the Levites.  We see here the reason that there was a market in the Temple Court.  People who needed to travel a long distance would need to purchase animals for their tithe.  You may recall the story where we get to see “Warrior Jesus” turn over tables in the temple and drive all of the animals and money changers out.  (Matthew 21:12, Mark 11:15-16, Luke 19:45 ) The sin was not the market its self.  The assumption is that they were taking advantage of peoples need, unfairly exchanging Roman money and making unfair profit off the sale of animals for offerings.

As we have covered previously, the “Tithe” command is not repeated for The Church in the New Testament.  On the contrary, given the Mercy and Grace of our God through Jesus - we are to give abundantly, sacrificially, keeping in step with our level of thankfulness and blessing.  That too looks different.  He owns it all!  You can’t out-give God!  

Love you all!  Dig in!