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Exodus 9

Good Morning “True Repenters”.  Today we are in Exodus 9.  

God continues to bring more plagues.  Pharaoh refuses to truly relent.  Gods power is displayed to His people.  These plagues continue to foreshadow plagues of the Tribulation.  Pharaoh like unbelievers in the Tribulation never repents.

The Lord instructs Moses to go and warm Pharaoh.  Let my people go or I will bring a plague on all the livestock that are in the fields.  Note: He saves the livestock that are in the stables for future judgment.  Furthermore He makes it clear - He will not harm a single animal belonging to the Hebrews (Jews).  Pharaoh obviously doesn’t let the people go - God follows through.

The plague of boils comes with no warning or request - simply a tossing of brick soot, from their ovens, into the air in Pharaoh’s presence.  With this plague we see God hardened Pharaohs heart.  Perhaps he would have relented otherwise, but God will demonstrate His full power before He’s done - so that His people will know.

God then instructs Moses to go offer warning.  The warning comes with an opportunity to display some belief in Gods power - urging them to have the Egyptians bring what animals are left in from the field.  God is going to bring hail.  Some listened and did so.  Those who didn’t, lost their animals to the hail.  Goshen, the land of the Hebrews was not touched.  

Pharaoh calls Moses and Aaron in and seemingly admits his sin.  On the surface this looks like repentance, but check it out - he still asks Moses to pray.   True repentance results on our falling on our face before God.  It is the acknowledgment of the breaking of Gods law, to God, and agreement with and recognition of His standard before Him while turning away from sin.  Pharaoh never pleads to God, he retains his position and asks Moses to pray to remove the circumstance.  There’s a difference.

Love you all!  Don’t hang on to sin!  Dig in!