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Exodus 8

Good Morning “Blessed With an Intercessor - Jesus.”  Today we are in Exodus 8.

Moses continues as God instructs.  With each plague, God mocks the false gods of Egypt. They had gods for literally everything.  Either gods that they believe produced, or gods that protected.  From the plague of blood, God moves to a plague of frogs.  We see the Egyptian magicians copy this plague as well, but things are about to change in that regard.  

The frogs are so irritating that Pharoah asks for Moses to intetceed on his behalf.  Moses acts as a picture of Jesus, our intercessor here.  Moses intercedes and God acts to kill all the frogs.  Pharaoh now relieved, has no reason to do as he promised, and goes back on his word to release them.  Don’t we kind of do this as well?  We choose sin (whatever it is). God disciplines.  We are at least initially repentant.  When the discipline ends, and we find ourselves once again in comfort, we return to our sin.  Or… maybe it’s just me?  

Through Aaron and Moses, God brings the plague of gnats, or lice, (some commentators believe both).  Here we now see Satans power limited.  The magicians are NOT able to replicate this plague.  Why?  They were able to replicate the frogs, so the obvious  answer is God!  The magicians point out - this is the finger of God.  Pharaohs heart was hard.  The first 3 plagues were all through Moses and Aaron but now God acts on His own.

After warning, God brings flys - biting flys that literally destroy the land.  Pharaoh for the first time seems willing to negotiate, but his chief concern is the loss of his labor force.  He agrees to let them go into the wilderness, as long as they don’t go too far.  Moses intercedes, God relents, Pharaoh goes back on the agreement.  

Gods Mercy and Grace, is apparent even with Pharaoh.  Pharaoh’s hard sinful heart is apparent each time God relents.  Moses with each new plague continues to intercede.  

How thankful are we, that we have One, Jesus, who intercedes on our behalf.  Each time we sin, He stands between our accuser Satan, and God.  Nope… I paid for that, Jesus says - as Satan points out our sin.  The blood of Jesus covers all our sin.  May we never take His grace for granted.  “As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly.” Prov. 26:11

Love you all!  Dig in!