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Exodus 7

Good Morning “Discerners of What You See.”  Today we are in Exodus 7.  

Hidden within Moses description of the 1st Judgment upon Egypt is a lesson for us to grab on to.  

God is all powerful!  In control of all things!  No question!  He created Satan with the rest of the angels and made him quite powerful.  Within his power is the ability to replicate miracles, for this time at least.  We see it here, and if our eyes are open we see his movement through our world today.  We will see more during the Tribulation - as he deceives the world with “signs and wonders.”

Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh as instructed.  When Pharaoh asks for a proof or miracle Aaron tosses down his staff and it becomes a snake.  Not impressed, Pharaoh calls his magicians who harness their power from Satan and do the same.  In a true demonstration of who is most powerful - Moses’ serpent devours the others.  What a sight!  No comparison here.  The only power Satan has is what God allows him to demonstrate.  

Then the first judgment.  The two go to Pharaoh at the bank of the Nile, and warn him about what God is going to do through them. Pharaoh doesn’t yield, so, with the staff they turn all the water in the Nile and even in stored vessels - to blood.  The magicians come and do the same.  The end of the chapter records the Egyptians dug for water next to the Nile.  These must be the waters that the magicians turned to blood.  

Maybe you wonder why the magicians didn’t just turn the Nile back to water?  Here’s a piece of our lesson.  Satan cannot undo what God has done!  His power pales in comparison.  He can only mimic.  He cannot undo what God has done in this world or in us!  There is no real battle.  With the Holy Spirit living in us, the only power Satan has against us, is what we give him.  

The second piece of our lesson is this… Scripture ALWAYS has the last Word!  Miracles, or “Signs and Wonders”, prove nothing apart from the support of Scripture!  Do not be deceived.  What am I getting at?  I don’t care how miraculous it seems or is… if it does not jive with Scripture it IS NOT from God!  He will never contradict His inspired Word!  It is His revelation of Himself.  It’s outside His character to do so.  NEVER be led astray by words or acts which appear powerful, even anointed, if they contradict Scripture!  They are NOT from God.  

Obviously then… we once again see the importance of KNOWING the Word of God!  It will become increasingly important the closer we get!

Love you all!  Dig in!