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Exodus 3

Good Morning “Willing, Ready and Able to be Used by God.”  Today we are in Exodus 3.

The time has come.  God is ready to free the nation of Israel from the oppression of Pharaoh and Egypt.  He could do it all on His own, supernaturally - but He chooses to invite Moses to be the tool.  

He comes to Moses in physical form, Fire - burning in a bush.  It’s clear this is no ordinary burning bush because it never burns up.  Furthermore it’s clearly God - even instructing Moses remove his shoes because the ground in the presence of God is Holy.  Moses clearly is hit with a crisis of belief and begins asking questions.  God answers and makes his plan clear.  We’ll see in the next chapter this process continues.  Wow!  Lucky Moses,
that God was willing to make His plan that clear.  

We know God has a plan and wants to include us in it.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if He would just come to us, appear to us, give us physical evidence of His existence and His Love, and clearly outline His plan to us?  If we had something we could hold on to and take comfort in knowing He is who He says He is and will do what He’s promised?

Consider this… He came in the flesh, in the form of Jesus.  He lived and became and example for us to follow  and ultimately then died for us paying a price for our sin we never could.  He sent the Holy Spirit Himself to dwell in us, teach us, convict us, lead and guide us.  He doesn’t just appear to us momentarily but lives in us!  He inspired His Word, so that we might have it, be reassured by It, know His intentions and the big picture of His plan.  All this the Holy Spirit teaches us from the inside out!

Lucky Moses?  Let me suggest to you that He’s made Himself known through all of creation Romans 1.  Furthermore; we have more proof of His love, more of His plan, more evidence of His desire to use us, and more of Him living in us than the Hero’s of the Faith we read about in Scripture ever had.  We get caught up in the noise of the world and it drowns out His voice.  That’s all.  Press in.  Draw close.  

Moses is about to lead a nation out of Bondage.  What will you allow God to use you for?  Love you all!  Dig in!