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Exodus 2

Good Morning “Waiting on Gods Timing.”  Today we are in Exodus 2.  

Moses is born.  The orig text suggests Moses mother knew he was special to Gods plan.  When he is 3 months old his mother is concerned she can no longer hide him.  Pharaoh and his people are still killing all the Hebrew boys. His mothers would rather he live with someone else than to die with her.  She puts him in an arc or basket and sends him down the Nile.

Pharaohs daughter is bathing and sees him and snatches him up.  Moses sister is watching near by to see what will happen to her baby brother.  In an incredible act of faith, she approaches and asks if she might find someone to nurse the baby.  Pharaohs daughter knows she will need a nursemaid so she agrees.  Who do you get to nurse baby Moses?  How about Moses’ own mother.  Amazing!  

She nurses him until he’s about 5, teaching him his Hebrew roots, then gives him back to Pharaoh’s daughter.  He grows up in Royal conditions, leaning the Egyptian ways… seems like Gods preparing him doesn’t it?

When he is about 40 he goes out to the fields where he sees an Egyptian slave driver beating a Hebrew.  He quick looks around, then kills the Egyptian.  Hebrews 11:24-26 tells us Moses knew God had a greater plan in store for him.  In Gods eyes this would have been justifiable defense not murder.  However; with the Egyptians - another story.  He just chose what was right and dangerous over what was comfortable, and safe.  Moses returns the next day to see two Hebrews fighting.  He instructs them to stop, believing they would recognize him as a deliver.
Acts 7:22-25. They didn’t get it.  The time had not yet come for God to place Moses in that role.  Israel needed more time in captivity to be at the place God wanted them when they returned to the land.

Moses has no choice now but to flee to Midian where God blesses him.  His time will come.  

We know God has incredible plans for each of us.  Jeremiah 29:11, Eph 2:10.  Do you ever get impatient, waiting and wondering?  Trust the process of Gods plan.  He will carry it out through you - when you’re ready.  Don’t get discouraged.  Stay the course. His timing is always perfect.

Love you all!  Dig in!