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Exodus 1

Good Morning “Trusters of Gods Sovereignty.” Today we begin the book of Exodus - a literal story of Gods sovereignty.  Chapter 1

The nation of Israel, all the descendants of Jacob, are in Egypt.  A new Pharaoh comes into power.  In order to understand why the treatment of Israel changed we need a little Egyptian history.  

The pharaoh that Joseph served under that welcomed Israel was a product of the 13th–17th dynasties  which were ruled by a people called the Hyksos.  The Hyksos were Semitic people, descended from Noah’s son Shem. They shared the same family origins as the Hebrew people.  But the native people of Egypt were Hamites, descended from Noah’s son Ham.  When the Hyksos people conquered Egypt they took over rule.  Naturally they welcomed other Semites - even though they differed in cultural practices.

The 17th dynasty was overthrown by an Egyptian called Ahmose, who established himself as Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty.  Ahmose was a Hamite, a native Egyptian, so he restored Egypt to Egyptian rule.  They opposed Semites / Hebrews.  Hence the change in attitude toward them.

As the nation of Israel grew the oppression became greater.  Greater oppression typically slows the growth of a people… but not when Gods directing His plan through them.  They continued to grow.  The different attempts at killing the baby boys was an attempt to turn the nation of Israel into Egyptians - assimilate them.  If there were no males, in just a generation the Hebrew women would marry Egyptian men.  The offspring would be considered Egyptian and Israel would soon be no more.

God will always have His way!  His sovereignty is unaffected by man’s plans.  In fact man’s sinful efforts become a tool to bring about His good plan.  Even though Israel’s captivity God was allowing time for them to grow, while keeping them separate from marrying into other nations - thus keeping the line of the Savior pure.  When they finally enter back into the “Promised Land” they will be a people of millions capable of sustaining and inhabiting the land, instead of the 70 that first dwelled in Egypt.

God Word is amazing!!! Love you all!  Dig in!