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Genesis 49

Good Morning “Intent on Receiving Gods Blessing.”  

Jacob / Israel is about to die - so as was customary he draws his sons and begins to bless them.  The Lord spoke prophetically through the patriarchs in that day.  Rather than proceeding in birth order Israel addresses each son according to their birth mother.  Despite Israel’s blessing Joseph with the “double portion” through his sons, Joseph is included here - because of the significant role he himself will play in the Nation Israel’s future.

The first 3 disqualifications serve to remind us that God has a standard.  As children of God we are to live according to His word.  When we don’t, the potential of missing out on His blessing is real!  

Rueben’s tribe would produce no significant leader in Israel.  Neither Simeon or Levi ever receive land of their own.  Instead they live off the land of others.  Kings do not arise from their lines - as if God was protecting Israel from passing on their sin tendencies.

Because of the disqualification of the first 3 sons - Judah receives the blessing of rule.  All the  kings of Israel  including the Messiah will come through Judahs line.  The tribe of Judah will be fruitful and blessed in every way.

Israel / Jacob  proceeds by blessing each of each sons. Some of his prophecy extends to to the Millennial Kingdom such as Zebulun dwelling by the seashore.  The territory assigned to Zebulun in the book of Joshua doesn’t border the sea.  On the other hand, Ezekiel 48 describes the territory each tribe dwells during the Millennial Kingdom… and guess what?

In keeping with the “birthright”, the double portion blessing - the tribe of Joseph is the most blessed.  Technically this is through his two sons, Israel’s adopted sons - Ephraim and Manasseh.  Joseph himself receives only Jacob’s land in Shechem - but is also richly blessed none the less.

Israel goes on to bless Benjamin.  His tribe will be a warring tribe, often so successful he will divide the spoils with his brothers - the other tribes.

It’s amazing to consider the prophecy shared here, and then to see each tribe develop thusly.  

Prior to taking his last breath Israel makes clear, he is to be buried in the land God promised - with his ancestors.  This further reinforces the faith Jacob had in Gods promises.

Love you all!  Dig in!  Know and live The Word.  Don’t miss out on Gods blessing.