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Genesis 47

Good Morning “In the World, but Not of It.”  Today we are in Genesis 47.  

The family / nation of Israel is racked by the famine.  Yesterday we read the Israel (Jacob) was obedient and headed out of the land and into Egypt.  Joseph had concern that while his family was living in Egypt they would assimilate into the Egyptian culture.  They would begin to adopt their pagan ways.  

That said, he’s got a plan.  It included them settling and living in Goshen.  Goshen served a couple purposes.  
- It was fertile land, in fact the best land Egypt had to offer.  
- It was also distant from the general Egyptian population.  Here Israel could remain separated from Egypt.  

But how would Joseph get Pharaoh to agree to let Israel settle in the best land.  Remember Joseph is wise.   He has learned the Egyptian ways.  He knows they despise sheepherders.  Remember they are clean freaks, germaphobes .  He would simply, smoothly, share that his family have always been herders.  By nature, he reasoned, that Pharaoh graciously distance himself and his people from them.

Something else to note in this chapter.  Notice when the formal meeting between Israel (Jacob)!and Pharaoh happens - Israel blesses Pharaoh.  Pharaoh has it all - Israel needs it.  Doesn’t that seem backwards?  Pharaoh no doubt thought so too.  It’s why he just seemingly ignores the comment, and moves to ask how old Jacob is.  Perhaps he is thinking, “maybe this is why the Hebrew blessed me.  Maybe he’s very very old.”  The oldest typically bestows blessing.  In fact Israel responds with an answer that minimizes his age. 130 wasn’t at all that old for the time.  So why did Israel boldly, almost arrogantly bless Pharaoh who had it all?  Israel got it!  He understood that although they were destitute they had EVERYTHING!  They had God!  His blessing was a Spiritual one - to a man that was lost.  

What a powerful statement.  We too are to live in this world - but not be of it.  We are to shine light in it, but not allow its darkness to affect us. We are to instead affect / bless those around us with the Gospel!

Love you all!  Dig in!