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Genesis 46

Good Morning “Led by The Lord.”  Today we are in Genesis Chapter 46.

So Israel set out for Egypt.  Moses is using “Israel”, Jacob’s new name here, as an indication to us that Jacob is being led by the Lord.  Whenever we see his old name “Jacob” used, it’s a clue he’s acting in the flesh.  He goes as far as Beersheba (last town before Egypt) and sets up an alter and offers a sacrifice.  Although the text doesn’t give all of the detail, we know how it was done and what was expected.  Israel would have first stacked stones, then sanctified the alter with the blood of a freshly sacrificed goat.  He would have built a fire on the alter, and lastly he would have given a burnt offering - cooked the meat and fat over the fire.

All of this was in preparation to fellowship with God directly.  Remember, our sin separates us from God.  Propitiation, a sacrificial payment that covers our sin, must be made in order to be in the presence of God.  Before Jesus, these sacrifices allowed only temporary fellowship.  Because Jesus was fully God and fully man, and without sin, His payment was sufficient for all sin.  If you haven’t received Jesus payment for your sin, it’s impossible for you to be in fellowship with God.

By the famine, and at Joseph’s request, Israel is forced to leave the land he was promised - the land he was told to stay in.  He’s hesitant, but demonstrates obedience.  Yet, he wants confirmation.  

We often find ourselves at a decision crossroads.  How do we decide?  We might consider popular culture, ask our friends, maybe someone in our lives that we consider wise, we might even ask ourselves what would Oprah do?  But God should be our first and greatest consideration.  Israel goes to God in search of His confirmation.  We know God answers when we seek Him. He wants us to know His plan.  “Seek and you will find.”  “Knock and the door will be opened.”  Today He speaks by The Holy Spirit, through Prayer, Scripture, The Body of Believers and lastly - circumstances.  Circumstances are the easiest thing for Satan to manipulate so they should only be used to confirm the others.  Open and closed doors should NOT be our “go to”.

The chapter includes a partial names list, but total accounting of all of Israel in Egypt at the time they entered - 70.  This is no accident - 70 is the number of Gods Sovereignty.  

God is in control, ALWAYS, He’s got a plan and wants to lead you to it and through it.  Seek Him always.

Love you all!  Dig in!