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Genesis 45

Good Morning “Repentant”.  Today we are in Genesis 45.

Remember Joseph is a picture of Jesus and his brothers a picture of Israel.  In fact with Jacob and his family now being called Israel we are seeing the nation of Gods people formed.

So chapter 45 opens with Joseph unable to contain himself.  His brothers hearts are clearly different.  They were willing to put it all on the line for Benjamin.  God has a way of transforming us.  “He will carry on to completion the good work He began in us.”  We’ve established that this is often accomplished through trials, and suffering.  

Israel rejected Jesus and Judas sold Him to the Roman’s.  Joseph was sold by his brothers to Potiphar.  Jesus was crucified and buried for 3 days.  Joseph was imprisoned.  Jesus is raised, ascends and sits at the right hand of The Father.  Joseph is exalted to 2nd in command of Pharaoh.  At the proper time God will bring stress upon Israel through tribulation as God through the famine brings stress in Jacob’s clan - Israel.  Ultimately Israel will repent and turn to Jesus and, well, Israel repents and turns to Joseph for physical provision / salvation from death.  Crazy how similar right?

We can learn a lot from Joseph here.  His attitude has always publicly demonstrated his faith in God.  Here we see God bring His plan to completion.  He has successfully pushed Israel to repentance and Joseph and his brothers to reconciliation.  Joseph has remained faithful himself, and now reaps the reward of his faithfulness!  This is not just a story of Joseph, or even a picture of Jesus and Israel - this a story of us!  I love Scripture - how about you?

Love you all!  Dig in!