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Genesis 44

Good Morning “Test Passers.”  Today we are in Genesis 44.

As they all finish lunch together Joseph once again hatched a plan to put the brothers to the test.  They appear to have changed hearts, but are they real?

He instructs his attendants to fill all their bags with grain, as much as they can carry.  Put their silver back inside as well, and put Joseph’s silver cup in Benjamin’s bag.  They would not have been surprised by the silver in the bags - Joseph made clear that this was acceptable the last time.

He then sent them on their way but instructed his men to catch up to them and tell them that someone has stolen his Divining cup.  Now it’s been made clear that Joseph isn’t into the black arts - we assume he is simply playing his role as an Egyptian, to carry out his test.  

Joseph instructs his men to tell his brothers that whoever took the cup will become his slave.  How will they react?  Will the brothers let Benjamin be taken or are their hearts truly changed?  After all, this serves as an awesome chance to get rid of Jacob’s favored remaining son of Rachael.  They could easily blame it on Benjamin himself this time - no problem.

You’ll have to dig in to find out.  As you study consider your own Spiritual growth.  How has your heart changed?  Where does it need to change?  How has God been knocking on your heart?  Will you answer?

Love you all!  Dig in!