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Genesis 42

Good Morning “Disciplined.”  Today we are in Genesis 42.

Joseph is exalted, raised to 2nd in command of all of Egypt.  With famine over the whole land.  As a result of Josephs plan and Egypt storing up grain during 7 years of abundance Egypt is the only land  with food at this point.  If you’re going to live you have to go to Egypt and buy grain.  Thus God has now placed Joseph in a position of incredible authority.  Like Jesus, he was rejected by his own - Israel.  The rejection by his own has made possible Joseph’s position within the Gentile nation of Egypt.  This Joseph, is a picture of Jesus Lordship and Savior of both Jew and Gentile.  Now God is bringing a stress upon the world, specifically directed to cause Israel to repent and turn to Him.  This mirrors the tribulation.  

In this chapter we see all of Joseph’s brothers except Benjamin coming before Joseph to buy grain.  Joseph puts a plan into action that puts pressure on them to repent from their sin. But will they?  They do display some sorrow as Joseph accuses them of being spy’s and puts them in prison for 3 days - but it’s worldly sorrow at this point, because of their circumstances.  If there is to be reconciliation Benjamin must be there too - All of Israel.  So, Joseph sends all but one brother away, with the grain they came for, and the money they paid for it with.  

Secretly giving the money back served two purposes.  First, they really have no reason to return to Egypt now - except to retrieve Simeon.  Would they sell another brother out?  Where are their hearts?  Secondly, they’ve now left Egypt with grain and the money.  Upon return they could be considered thieves and lose their heads - literally.   Joseph is wise - this adds even more pressure.  Would they return, with their brother, and risk losing  their lives?  THAT kind of action would demonstrate true heart change.  True repentance.  

You’ll have to keep studying to see what they do.  What about you?  Do you despise the discipline of The Lord, or does it cause you to turn back in repentance?  

Love you all!  Dig in!