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Matthew 25

Are you ready for the return of Jesus?  Do you believe it’ll be a while yet, before His return - so you got time to get serious, lined out?  Or have you grown weary of waiting and moved on?  The expectation is be ready, be prepared.  

We are an incredibly blessed people.  What have you done with the blessings and gifts He has entrusted you with?  We are only stewards - it’s all His.  He blesses us with it and trusts that we’ll use ALL He has given faithfully.  What does ALL mean?  All means all and that’s all all means.  Count your blessings and ask yourself why He’s blessed you with it.  Health, time, Spiritual Gifts, talents, job, position, popularity, money, access, opportunity, beauty, ugly, strong, weak, trials - I could go on and on.  He’s made you who you are, the way you are, determined where you would live, and surrounded you with your people.  He’s blessed you with things you deem good and those you deem bad - suffering.  1 Pet. 3:8-9 Everything we have, every beat of our heart and breath we take is a gift from His hand - to be used to glorify Him.  1 Cor 4:7 Hopefully we see that and don’t simply sit on them, but we use and multiply what we have.  Not for our benefit but the kingdom.  Use it well and we become like a water hose a transfer line - continually supplied with more so that we can be generous with what we have - Literally God blessing and loving His people through us.

When we see a need - especially of the “least of these”, and we can do something about it… but don’t.  Ooooh, no bueno. Das ist nicht gut.  That is no good.  It’s His, we need only be faithful and obedient with it.  We can’t out give out love God!

Let’s get to work!  Dig in!  Love it out!